Me and my beautiful family. We really enjoy the gift of life together.

Thanks for visiting my blog site.  This site is birthed from a sincere desire to “walk as Jesus walked” (1 John 2:6).  Especially since I became a father I am acutely aware that my example in faith and life is already being imitated by my children, and therefore I carefully consider how my beliefs and attitudes find expression in my conversations, priorities, habits and responses in everyday life.

So in these posts I aim to evaluate my thoughts and feelings in light of what the New Testament tell us about Jesus and his first followers who order their lives after their Master’s teachings within their secular pagan world.  These writings are aimed at helping us evaluate what we say we believe, and how we can put our faith into practice daily.

I pray that you find this blog insightful and encouraging so that you too may be inspired to walk as Jesus walked.

Ross van Niekerk


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